Preferred Partners

Sumner REALTORS® offers membership and sponsorship opportunities for local companies and individuals who want to be involved in the association. Our Preferred Partners contribute in many ways, from sponsoring events, donating food for education classes, serving on committees, and volunteering their time to help do the work of the association.

The Preferred Partner program offers unique benefits for our REALTOR® members, Preferred Partners, and for the association.

  • REALTOR® members benefit directly from a local network of companies, products and services that help REALTORS® and their clients.
  • Partners benefit by developing new relationships that help them grow their businesses.
  • The association benefits by having more resources and volunteers to serve our members and our community.

Sumner REALTORS® is a nonprofit organization and depends heavily on our Preferred Partners.

Thank you to all the companies and individuals who support our organization.

2024 Preferred Partners

Carey Batey Appraisals
Carey Batey ([email protected])
Office Phone: 615.403.5683

Brown Appraisals
Phillip Brown ([email protected])

Edge Appraisals
Trevis Smith ([email protected])
Office Phone: 615.554.3435

Hallmark Appraisals
Kendal Hall ([email protected])
Office Phone: 615.917.8653

Heartland Appraisal
Marissa Miller ([email protected])
Office Phone: 615.506.1286

Sandi Irons ([email protected])
Office Phone: 615.944.3313

Johnson Appraisal Service
Michael Johnson ([email protected])

Lyle Appraisal Service
Michael Lyle ([email protected])
Office Phone: 615.310.7721

The Samuels Group
James Samuels ([email protected])
Office Phone: 615.426.7123

Trotter Appraisal Service
Ben Trotter ([email protected])
Office Phone: 615.206.0332

True Footage
Kurt Stieghan ([email protected])
Office Phone: 706-332-6655

Billy Urfer, Appraiser
Billy Uffer
Office Phone: 615.969.4437

Freedom Title Services, LLC
David Kimbrough ([email protected])
Office Phone: 615.822.8332

Signature Title Services
Renee Long ([email protected])
Office Phone: 615.724.7100

Smith, Sholar, Milliken.PPLC
Todd Sholar ([email protected])
Preston Matthews ([email protected])
Office Phone: 615.452.5282

Stewart Title Company
Rebecca Campbell ([email protected])
Office Phone: 615.264.8979

Tennessee Title Services
John Bobbitt ([email protected])
Office Phone: 615.348.5841

Warranty Title Insurance Company
Melissa Rogers ([email protected])
Anita Parker ([email protected])
Meagan Melancon (meagan@concordtitletn,com)
Office Phone: 615.264.2718

D.R. Horton
Brandon Temple ([email protected]
Office Phone: 615.283.6000

Parkside Builders
Coby Comer ([email protected])
Office Phone: 615.981.1560

Schell Brothers
Kaylie Austin ([email protected])
Office Phone: 615.400.2264

Shaun Lyons Consulting Group, LLC
2-hour CE Course for Cryptocurrency, Blockchain & Real Estate
Shaun Lyons ([email protected])
Office Phone: 615.429.3029

All Things Exterminators, Inc.
Robert Fleming ([email protected])
Office Phone: 615.364.8710

Above All Home Inspections
Scott Frey ([email protected])
Office Phone: 615.668.2821

Absolute Inspectors
Bruce Quinn ([email protected])
Office Phone: 615.916.7264

Bronze Star Home Inspections
Wayne Bennett ([email protected])
Office Phone: 615.756.1045

Fuller Home Inspections
Timothy Fuller ([email protected])
Office Phone: 615.504.7345

Habitec Home & Building Inspections
Rob Dirienzo ([email protected])
Lacey Burkeen ([email protected])
Office Phone: 615.571.0156

Nashville Home Inspections
Stacy Coppock ([email protected])
Adam Brown ([email protected])
Lacey Burkeen
Andrew Carter
Dana Denton ([email protected])
Logan Dishmon
Mario Holder
Collins Horton ([email protected])
David Kempton
Joshua Payne ([email protected])
Clinton Richardson ([email protected])
Steve Towner ([email protected])
Office Phone: 615.337.1277

Tennessee Home Inspectors
Aaron Schroer ([email protected])
Matt Crowson ([email protected])
Office Phone: 615.605.6308

The Home Inspector, LLC
Harold Shelby ([email protected])
Office Phone: 615.974.2672

First American Home Warranty
Seth Lacher ([email protected])
Office Phone: 901.282.6273

Blayney Insurance Agency| Goosehead Insurance
Jonathan Blayney ([email protected])
Office Phone: 629.895.4840

Vandenbergh Insurance Agency
David Vandenbergh ([email protected])
Office Phone: 615.824.8899

Acopia Home Loans
Rhonda Holt ([email protected])
Jeff Stine ([email protected])
McLean Fowler ([email protected])
Roy Garcia-Tapia ([email protected])
Brandi Green ([email protected])
Tyler Johnson ([email protected])
Office Phone: 615.822.0000

CareyAnn & MyMortgageTeam | CMG Financial
Carey Ann Cyr ([email protected])
Office Phone: 615.456.4456

Churchill Mortgage Corp.
Joey Murphey ([email protected])
Office Phone: 615.767.5251

CMG Financial | Hendersonville
Kevin Long ([email protected])
Cindy Brown ([email protected])
Lauri Hodges ([email protected])
Greg Burlison ([email protected])
Ryan Martin ([email protected])
Kelly Webb ([email protected])
Office Phone: 615.567.8900

Cross Country Mortgage | Hendersonville
Anna Cook ([email protected])
Office Phone: 615.590.9366

Country Financial
William Styles ([email protected])
Office Phone: 615.824.7020

Edmonton State Bank
Jamie Clayton ([email protected])
Jesse Kissinger ([email protected])
Haley Meridieth ([email protected])
Office Phone: 615.989.8114

FirstBank Mortgage
Lea Murphy ([email protected])
Office Phone: 615.519.1229

First Community Mortgage
Chris Webber ([email protected])
Noe Doniz ([email protected])
Office Phone: 615.896.4141

FirstTrust Home Loans
Craig Sanders ([email protected] | 615.498.5626)
Brian Maggart ([email protected] | 615.824.2316)
Tracy Woodside ([email protected] | 615.319.7480)
Justin Richardson ([email protected] | 615.899.5626)

Highlands Residential Mortgage
Melissa Luman-Phillips ([email protected])
Carolyn Cole ([email protected])
Office Phone: 615.476.6099

Lending Hand Mortgage
Kevin Kenerson ([email protected])
Cassie Kenerson ([email protected])
Aimee Shell ([email protected])
Office Phone: 615.859.5363

Mortgage Investors Group
Donna Brooks ([email protected])
Stephanie Fields ([email protected])
Office Phone: 615.992.3177

Movement Mortgage
Mike Runion ([email protected])
Amy Rockett ([email protected])
Office Phone: 731.798.6932

Old National Bank
Heather Anderson ([email protected])
Office Phone: 615.310.0224

Pinnacle Financial Partners
Pam Neighbours ([email protected])
Trina Woodward ([email protected])
Lee McLellan ([email protected])
Troy Smith ([email protected])
Office Phone: 615.309.2952

Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.
Shaun Lyons ([email protected])
Amber Dunlap ([email protected])
Mary Beth Johnson ([email protected])
Adrienne Dione ([email protected])
William Potts ([email protected])
Jake Cadwell ([email protected])
Office Phone: 615.429.3029

Brad Denton ([email protected])
Office Phone: 615.824.0958

Simmons Bank Mortgage Lending
Linda O’Connell ([email protected])
Office Phone: 615.264.5001

Tennessee Housing Development Agency (THDA)
Kelly Dobbs ([email protected])
Office Phone: 615.815.2158

U.S. Bank – Gallatin
Barbie Shannon ([email protected])
Office Phone: 615.451.7517

Wilson Bank & Trust | Lebanon
Tucker Worley ([email protected])
Office Phone: 615.444.2824

Black Tie Moving Nashville
Cody Black ([email protected])
Office Phone: 615.570.2510

Anna Scanlan ([email protected])
Skylar Palo ([email protected])
Leesa Gomez ([email protected])
Office Phone: 615.290.4150

For Preferred Partners

Interested in getting involved with Sumner REALTORS®? We can help you generate visibility for your company, product or service, and develop meaningful relationships with our REALTOR® members.