Member Benefits

  • MLS Access

    Only REALTOR® members have access to Realtracs, the largest multiple listing service in Tennessee, Kentucky and Alabama. Use the MLS to expand your listing visibility and marketability to thousands of real estate professionals working with active buyers, access current and reliable information on available properties for your clients, and get regular insight into current local and regional market dynamics.

  • Professional Development

    We offer a wide variety of FREE Continuing Education to help members meet licensure requirements and sharpen their professional skill sets. We want to be the first place where members turn for education needs, from REALTOR® certifications and designations to timely and relevant topics taught by local subject matter experts. Accredited classes are offered in person at the association office and online, free or discounted to members.

  • Business Resources

    Members have exclusive access to SentriLock equipment and services and discounted pricing on a wide range of commonly used signs and other resources in the REALTOR®, which is open at the association office during regular business hours. We also maintain and continually improve a list of Preferred Partner companies and affiliate members eager to work with REALTORS®.

  • Advocacy

    Our government affairs and political action committee apparatus makes sure that local REALTORS® have a voice and influence when it come to laws, rules and regulations that affect you and your business. We are your watchdog and your amplifier with city and county governments, holding elected officials accountable on issues like property rights. We work closely with Tennessee REALTORS® and the National Association of REALTORS® to support good public policies on a state and federal level, and we support candidates who support the real estate profession through RPAC (The REALTOR® Political Action Committee).

  • Connectivity

    Members use the association to build meaningful relationships with their peers throughout Sumner County and the greater Nashville area. There are multiple opportunities throughout the year to expand your professional network through events, meetings and social gatherings, and connect with people who can help you, your business and your clients.

  • Community Involvement

    Sumner REALTORS® provides a unique outlet for REALTORS® to participate in volunteer service projects that make our communities stronger and more vibrant. Members give their time and resources to worthwhile charitable causes and demonstrate how REALTORS® work together to give back and improve lives.

  • Professional Standards

    As an affiliate of Tennessee REALTORS® and National Association of REALTORS®, Sumner REALTORS® is committed to upholding the REALTOR® Code of Ethics first adopted in 1913. We hold ourselves accountable to this high standard and offer dispute resolution services to help members work through transaction disputes with their peers in a fair, fast and cost-effective manner. Learn more about the Code of Ethics.

Join Us

The portion of annual membership dues we keep (after state and national allocations) helps fund local member programs and services, though we also raise money from other sources, such as sponsorships, grants and events, to help offset annual operating costs. The more members we have, the more resources we have to return value to you. Choose your category to submit an online application. It’s quick and easy!

Get Involved

Sumner REALTORS® depends on members who volunteer their time and talents to help carry out the work of the association and make sure we are delivering value to members. We invite all members to contribute by serving on a committee or in a leadership position. You can make a difference!