6 Types of Decorative Molding to Glam Up Walls and Ceilings

6 Types of Decorative Molding to Glam Up Walls and Ceilings

We’re bringing you 6 types of decorative molding to glam up walls and ceilings direct from Realtor.com.

You love it when you see it, but how well do you know decorative molding? In fact, naming each may present a challenge. Is it dentil or crown? Casing or a chair rail? And even if you can identify this special millwork, you might not see the real deal (carefully crafted from hardwoods) much in the future.

That’s because this feature is typically skimped on by builders today due to cost, notes Karen Gray-Plaisted of Design Solutions KGP. “But it’s unfortunate because decorative molding takes a room from just a rhombus to one that has character and charm,” she laments.

Decorative molding certainly isn’t new (it’s been around for centuries), but it’s hotter than ever. Here’s more on decorative moldings, including their history and types to seek out as you house hunt or renovate.

Decorative molding is defined as the trim around doors and windows, molding around the ceiling, baseboards on the perimeter of a room, and any type of paneling, such as shiplap and wainscoting, explains Gray-Plaisted.

It can be made from softwoods, hardwoods, composite materials, polyurethane, stone, and polystyrene with fiberglass.

1. Crown molding

2. Chair rail

3. Picture frame molding

4. Casing

5. Dentil

6. Egg and dart