Increase Your Team’s Sales With Accountability

Increase Your Team’s Sales With Accountability

After the beginning of the year, all kinds of goals are made and business plans are written, which are a great start to on-purpose and intentional goal attainment.

However, the weeks and months that follow require consistent follow-up on the action plan you set to make sure a.) you are still committed and b.) your actions are turning into actual results.

According to an article on RISMedia, accountability closes the gap between setting goals and actually making them a reality. Having your team of agents set monthly and quarterly listing and sales goals is half the battle—tracking their progress and helping them stick to their goals, day after day and week after week, is the secret.

Adding value to your team as their sales manager or the team lead puts you in the unique and awesome position to be the one to help ensure they are doing the right things to make their goals happen. When individual team members hit their goals, the entire team hits the team goals. Great momentum is created, and success breeds more success.

Here are some tips:

Track the number of calls and prospecting activities. 

Set weekly goals for appointments. 

Track goals versus actual appointments made. 

Track the number of appointments versus listings taken. 

Track the number of actual sales per week versus their goal.