Broker Open Houses

Sumner REALTORS® helps members spread awareness of broker open house events by relaying invitations to the entire database of REALTOR® members. REALTORS® who wish to take advantage of this members-only service and promote a local broker open house are invited and encouraged to contact the association, provided they meet the following requirements.


  • Requests must be received via email no earlier than two weeks in advance of the broker open house.
  • The requesting member(s) must specify a primary point of contact with a name and phone and/or email to include in the communication to members.
  • The association will include a one-page flier or marketing piece for each announcement, if desired. Materials must be submitted in JPEG, PNG or PDF format.
  • The association is not responsible for changes to or errors on submitted material and will not send additional emails to the membership to rectify errors. We will update website information upon request.


  • Email – The association will send a dedicated email about the event to all REALTOR® members on the day the information is received, or as soon as possible thereafter if the timing conflicts with other association business. Submissions received on a weekend will be processed the following business day. A second email will be sent the day prior to the event. Submissions that are received within one week (7 calendar days) of a broker open house will be sent only once to membership on the day it is received, or as soon as possible thereafter.
  • Website – The association will post information on this page, accessible at Information will remain on the site until after the event when staff is able to remove outdated items.

Questions? Contact Shelby Cage | 615.824.6629