2021 Member Satisfaction Survey Results

Sumner REALTORS® has released the results of its annual member satisfaction survey. The association asked members to give their candid feedback for three weeks while the survey was open during August. The 100 respondents represented a decline from participation in the 2020 survey, which collected 130 responses, but more REALTORS® said they intend to renew their membership with the local association in the coming year (95% vs. 87% in 2020) and would recommend Sumner REALTORS® to a colleague (95% vs. 73% in 2020).

The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors will embark on strategic planning for 2022 in the coming weeks and incorporate the survey feedback in the process.

If you have questions or comments, please contact any Board representative or CEO Dave Chaney at 615.824.6629 or [email protected].

Overall Satisfaction

When asked to rate overall satisfaction, only 49% chose very satisfied, while 14% chose very unsatisfied.

What are we doing about it?

This is concerning on the surface, but the responses on this question don’t align with satisfaction levels indicated by other questions, and some respondents in their comments expressed confusion about how the rating question was set up (1 to 5 scale with 1 on the left being very satisfied and 5 on the right being very unsatisfied). There may have been some members who inadvertently answered the opposite way they intended. We will revise the question format on the next annual survey to be clearer and yield a firmer assessment of overall satisfaction.

Member′s Best Interests

93% of respondents said they believe the association operates in members’ best interests.

What are we doing about it? 

Overall feedback on a series of statements about the status of the association was positive, with 88% agreeing that the association is headed in a positive direction, and 96% of respondents saying they are proud to be a Sumner REALTORS® member. The response to operating in members’ best interests signifies growing trust and confidence from 2020 (75%), and affirmation that, while there is ample room to improve in several areas, members believe the association is genuinely focused on the core mission of serving and supporting members. Our challenge is finding out why the other 7% feels differently and making the necessary adjustments to better serve everyone.


Convenience is still the primary reason REALTORS® choose to join the association (44%), but more said the value of programs and services is the main reason they join (24% vs. 13% in 2020).

What are we doing about it? 

The increase shows that our value proposition is gaining traction, at least among this sample group of members. We know that REALTORS® have choices when it comes to local association membership and expect a tangible return for their dues. We are continually looking for ways to add value and deliver the best possible programs, services and member experience, and raise awareness among REALTORS® who live and/or work in Sumner County. Everything we do is designed to make our members more successful real estate professionals.

Important Services

REALTORS® consider MLS access, CE/professional development and SentriLock support as the top three (in order) most important services the association offers. This was unchanged from 2020.

What are we doing about it?

Sumner REALTORS® remains actively engaged as a shareholder in Realtracs to help make sure it is the best MLS available. Recent advancements in technology and member service create a user experience that far surpasses other MLS systems in Tennessee and elsewhere, according to anecdotal member feedback. The association continues to offer SentriLock products and support as a pass-through service for member convenience and look for innovative ways to enhance our professional development offerings. In 2021, we launched two new programs that are available only at Sumner REALTORS® – the New REALTOR® Academy and ACE (Accredited Community Expert). We offered more than 100 hours of CE through July, not counting other free professional development courses. Our goal is to keep expanding in-person and online education to give members the mix of timely, relevant content that helps them meet CE requirements and become better REALTORS®.


Preferred Communication

Email is by far the most preferred method of receiving communication from the association, followed by text and in person meetings. Facebook is still the favorite social media platform.

What are we doing about it? 

We have worked for the past 18 months to deliver concise, professional email messages in a timely manner without bombarding members. Feedback has been positive, but we also know many members may be missing messages that get caught in spam or feel they are too busy to read them. If you are not recieving emails from us, please contact Shelby Cage. We are utilizing text messaging sparingly for important messages and want to respect members’ preferences. There are clear opportunities to increase member engagement on Facebook, where REALTORS® can easily find real-time info about all things happening at the association, along with other real estate-related resources.